Tukey Projects

Maven Automation solutions provide Turnkey solutions for wide range of all industries domains . Based on working experience and design knowledge of the system , experience team working in several industry sector . Turnkey project solutions we will provide entire of electrical , instrumentation and control system solutions while starting and end solutions with Industrial automation solutions with best of economical solutions .

Maven Automation solutions

We design and develop of automation system's for best solution an industry application.

  • All Misc Items
  • Industrial Automation System
  • Cables (SS and MS cable trays accessories)
  • CCTV & Telephone System, Fire fight solutions
  • Electric House
  • Erection & Earthling Materials
  • Erection Of Instruments (instruments & Cables)
  • Field Instruments
  • HVAC Applications
  • LT and HT Switch Gears ( VCB, Isolator, HV Field JB )
  • Including Light Fittings, Power & Control Junction Boxes, Welding & Hand Instrumentation Cables & Glands
  • Lamp Power Supply Sockets
  • Main Transformer
  • Motors





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