Siemens PLC's

The obsolete Siemens S5 PLCs installed on site were no longer seen as reliable in the long term. However, the migration from S5 to S7 PLCs was not something any other solutions not available in critical cases.

The S5 code is not directly transportable to the S7, production downtime available for changeover in short time our skilled engineers can then convert the existing S5 software into S7. Either as a complete system or one section at a time. When all of the existing S5 hardware has been replaced, the S57 can be replaced with a standard Siemens S7 processor. Converted software can be tested and debugged in short planned shutdowns.


The major all Siemens S5 PLC's, HMI, SCADA migration can done in short term down time .

  • S5 HMI , S5 Intelligent Processors, S5 Memory , S5 Batteries, S5 Simatic Net
  • S5-010
  • S5-090/095/100
  • S5-101
  • S5-105
  • S5-110

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